Odair Faleco

Someone that literally transits between worlds, that lives and produces across different creative fields like photography, music, design, video and visual arts.

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Multifaceted individual with skills across various domains, such as street photography, product design, street art, public speaking, experimental music, and visual arts.

In his role as a street photographer, he has captured thousands of images of São Paulo, a bustling metropolis where he resided for fourteen years. His contributions to the book “Windows of São Paulo” (Janelas de São Paulo), in collaboration with Nara Rosetto, are noteworthy. This book is a collection of city window drawings and poems from various artists.

A significant portion of his life has been dedicated to travel and exploration. He has traversed countries and continents, capturing breathtaking images from places like Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Australia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, and many more. His focus primarily lies in street photography and urban exploration (urbex).

In addition to photography, he is a professional user experience designer and post-rock musician. He also has a keen interest in Jungian psychology, philosophy and AI.

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